Friday, May 29, 2009

Brindavan - the place to be

Brindavan Executive Hostel is definitely the place to be for outstation students at IPSR. Read what Ruchir Rai, who has completed his RHCE Bootcamp at IPSR and now doing his RHCSS bootcamp at IPSR North had to say about Brindavan.
" Before dropping in @ Cochin I had a feeling that the total the hostel facility provided by IPSR is towards expensive side . But I had to change my thinking when I actually saw the Hostel.

First of all tell you, the hostel is very neatly built, rooms somewhat give a look of star hotel. It is all tiled and clean, and very well maintained.

The keeper of the Hostel showed utmost hospitality the moment I was in the Hostel.

The other day I was introduced to other hostelmates and I came to know that I am staying with core IT professionals who are working with TCS and other leading companies at Infopark , Cochin.

It is a home away from home with around 40 IT professionals as family members. You can just guess what level of knowledge and experience I am gaining informally beyond the studies at IPSR.

It is not just where you study that matters but also where you stay. Such a good environment at the hostel was not expected.

Thanks for providing me such a good stay."

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