Monday, July 20, 2009

Outstation Student Testimonials - Sanju Raj

"These few days which we all had together in our batch RH423 were about our coming to know our strengths and weakness in Linux environment. We all had our share of inputs.
The concepts were made clear by our IPSR faculty Mr.Sharath. He was ready for our concern. We had regular breaks between topics which helped us to get rid of boredom of studying 8 hours at a stretch. We had the time for lab practices. If someone from our batch gets stuck then we all try to resolve the issue. Which helped us to know wherein we lack.
The experience of knowing things at first hand made us realize the importance of grooming up oneself to the topics beforehand. We did our preprations. These will help us to our main goal of being a security specialist.
Thanks for a wonderful experience."

Sanju Raj
New Delhi

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