Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4th RHCDS – Successfully from IPSR

Mr. Amit Caleechurn from the land of beaches – Mauritius, is the fourth IPSRian to attain RHCDS certification.  He is one among those IPSR students who is well versed with value driven Red Hat Training courses through our Boot Camps. We have designed our Boot Camps so that aspirant students are provided Red Hat certifications along with a golden opportunity to enjoy the cheerful experience by exploring the striking natural features of Kerala.

Getting RHCDS certification is an important milestone. RHCDS certification is obtained on successful completion of three Expertise Exams: EX401, EX423, and EX436. Amit had certified EX423 on 2nd September, 2010, EX436 on 11th October and certified as RHCDS when he cleared EX401 on 15th October. He is proceeding with the modules RHS333 (Enterprise Network Services Security) and RHS429 (SELinux Policy Administration) to make the most out of his visit to IPSR and get certified RHCSS as well.

He is much thankful to the dedicated faculty at IPSR who made such a task easier by providing enough technical and practical knowledge. He was greatly attracted by the art and culture of Gods own country. He also became a great fan of Kerala Cuisine which is a blend of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. 

We are proud to announce that two of our RHCDS students, A.V Radhakrsihnan and Sanju Raj (IPSR Faculty) also passed one of the Expertise Exams, EX401, along with Amit and are enroute to their RHCDS certification.   

We are proud of you for your outstanding achievement and will be keeping our fingers crossed for announcing more winners.

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