Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Testimonial from a Professional

We have helped thousands of students with their certifications and even now, we get thrilled when we get a good testimonial.

It was so, when Mr. Bennis Abraham spoke to us. Bennis was a student during March 2011 and certified RHCE. He is a Unix system Specialist with the Macy's Group (Macy's Systems Technology) in USA.
Thank God for IPSR.
I joined IPSR and did a crash course for three days and on the fifth day I passed my RHCE examination. I could say training, troubleshooting and the mock examination at IPSR would be best in the world. I recommend IPSR to everyone who is planning to pursue a career in computers.
I am thankful to God, IPSR Team and my family for helping me to get a RHCE certification.
Thank you Bennis, for your inspiring words.

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