Monday, September 26, 2011

The Contest Winner is Here

As all of you know, IPSR was conducting an online contest during the past month and now, we are ready to announce the results.

For those who were not aware of it (hey, you missed a great chance) and for those who arrived later, let us repeat the question again, along with the answer. But before that, let us break the news about the winner.

The smart and lucky winner of Rs. 5000/- cash prize is Randheer A R, who is a 2011 B. Tech (ECE) pass out from NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad. He has been placed at Accenture and is awaiting the call letter. Randheer is a native of Evannur (Cheroor P.O) in Thrissur.

Congratulations Randheer!!!

Now to the answer. The question was:

Hi all !
Wait for a few more days and it's my 20th Birthday. If you are into using computers and internet, I bet, I am as familiar to you as the person next door. My life has changed the world a lot for the last 20 years and I have been to all the continents. I am cool and people love me more, these days. I was in high demand when the world was struck with the economic recession and experts say that I am the future!

You want more clues to check me out?

     I live in the southern part of the Globe
     You will always find me in Black White and yellow attire

If you got who I am, please submit me your answers using the form below.
My best friend, IPSR will honour the winners with a cash prize of Rs.5000/-

Apart from giving the answer, the contestants were also required to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

To us, the Linux fans at IPSR, the answer was obvious. Linux is celebrating the 20th birthday. But to make the contest more interesting, we gave the clues about Tux the Penguin, the mascot of Linux, which is synonymous with Linux in tech circles.

Now, few of you, along with your answers had given the detail that Tux became the official mascot of Linux on a later date. Thanks, we appreciate your knowledge. While we knew it, we just considered the fact that Linux & Tux denote the same concept.

There were few people who gave the answer 'World Wide Web'. Well, CERN celebrated the 20th birthday of 'www' in March 2009 marking the anniversary of the initial proposal submitted by Tim Berners-Lee. Closely enough, 6th August was the 20th birthday of the very first web page, also created by Mr. Berners-Lee. But as you can see, this can not be the right answer based on the details.

We considered all the correct variations around the below 3 answers

  • Linux
  • Tux
  • The Penguin

We had received 309 correct answers. To be frank, we expected more :|

There were lots of anxious participants and well wishers, who kept asking about the winner. We also did receive few comments in our blog and Facebook pages. Thanks to all of you.

There were also internal enthusiasts at IPSR, one of who went to the extent of making a fun post about the delay in announcing the winner.

The above graphics was created by Mr. Subin V, Sr. Executive - Training & Corporate Service at IPSR, Kottayam, as part of his 'Just 4 Fun' series which he circulates internally at IPSR. Thanks Subin, for mentioning us.

Before winding up, a few mentions shall be in order. The intial idea for this contest was given by Ms. Nandini Dhanesh, Branch Co-ordinator at IPSR Edappally, in the monthly 'Suggestion Box'. The concept was evolved further by Dr. Sunil Job, Director, IPSR Penguin Planet, Kochi and spiced up further by Mr. Krishnaraj S, PRO of IPSR.
Thanks to every one.

We congratulate Randheer again and wish him all success in his future life. We also thank all the participants. Do not worry, we are planning to come up with various other online events. Keep watching.