Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chiseled a saga of success in virtualization

He came in search of RHCVA. He took home a lot more. Mr. Adnen Hammadi from Tunisia had set foot in the capital city of Kerala with a dream of exploring the treasure trunk of virtualization .He, now certified as RHCVA has gained much more than quality knowledge. It is with legitimate pride we say that Mr. Aden holds a live set of memories about God's own country close to his heart..Known for its unique educational tourism, IPSR helped Adnen discover the beauty of Kerala, the hand loom, the Beaches and above all the zenith of virtualization in the well equipped labs of ipsr. It was indeed an enriching experience for the friendly five- Mr. Niceoh Pulikkan, Ms. Jojy Saramma John, Ms.Vishnu S and Ms. Sruthi Chandran - all RHCEs-to know what the 'virtual' world of RedHat has to offer. As the treasure is unearthed, more are welcome to know its elegance..!!!!!!

Here is what Adnen speaks of his experience at ipsr:

" It was a nice experience for me to attend the RHCVA course at IPSR.
I'm thankful our instructor Mr Mojan for giving us great guidance and support throughout the course. also, a special thank  goes to Mr Maurice and Mr Aneesh for their support during my staying in India.
Looking forward to complete my RHCA courses at IPSR
All the best IPSR's team !! "

The entire team of ipsr wish him a brilliant career ahead

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