Saturday, August 11, 2012

One more RHCE blooms at ipsr young masters club

Miracles happen…..but often rarely. Contradicting propositions at ipsr it happens frequently. It was with global amaze the world looked upon Rajat Mendus who became the youngest RHCE at the age of 11 from ipsr. The momentum and spirit of the ipsr young club were kept live and allure as the milestone of success in RHCE and RHCSS came in progression to the master kids of the ipsr. And now Master Bobby Issac has endorsed the claim of progression in success of ipsr young club by becoming RHCE certified at the age of 15.

Master Bobby Issac is a student of Grade X of Lourdes Public School. He developed a love for linux from the radiance of the success stories that reached him from the ipsr young club. This passion took him to ipsr penguin hut where he mastered the higher end concepts in Redhat linux.  And now Master Bobby Issac’s delight of success in RHCE reverberated with joy of the entire school mates and ipsr young club.

With this win the ipsr cyber kids reaffirm the question “IF WE CAN….WHY CANT YOU”

The entire team of ipsr congratulate you Bobby for your meritorious win.

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