Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Redhat the best fit in the new world of IT

Gone are the days where the major stakeholders of IT and government worldwide keep relying on high cost, high risk and elusive returns of proprietary software. With the advent of open source philosophy in the IT, cost and risk driven factors do not make any sense for the government’s biggest IT challenges. 
The triple rings of security, freedom and cost saving are the priorities for any industries that are focusing to anchor their business in the port of sustainable development. Customers need reliable solutions that can meet mission-critical IT demands at all levels. It is in this frame that the government agencies and other stake holders rely on redhat solutions to securely deliver services to the end users.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, including the KVM hypervisor, has been awarded the Common Criteria Certification at Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 4+ – the highest level of assurance for an unmodified commercial operating system – for the Operating System Protection Profile (OSPP) including extended modules for Advanced Management, Advanced Audit, Labeled Security, and Virtualization for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 on Dell, HP, IBM and SGI hardware. This is viewed as a token of trust and creditability among the stakeholders and government agencies.

The future GOV submit 2012, Asias largest official gathering for government modernization has expressed their concern on data governance and security. The Summit 2012 hosted 151 leaders, advisors and implementers of technology programs from 22 countries, who were joined by 15 senior government speakers from across Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, along with the editorial team of FutureGov magazine, to discuss the challenges faced by governments now, and in the near future.

From the reports of the submit it was highlighted that the results of live polling sessions at the event, more than 50% of attendees were concerned with issues of data governance and security when moving to the cloud. 

In the session Mr. Damien Wong, General Manager, ASEAN, Red Hat presented at an interactive discussion session on the topic of “The Cloud: A Channel for Government Service Delivery”, and Mr Sivaram Shunmugam, lead solutions architect, South East Asia, Red Hat led a workshop with Intel on “Towards Open Government: Platform modernisation in government, education and healthcare.”. These sessions has highlighted the potentials ambiance of redhat solution in meeting the demands of Government service delivery.

Few success stories of global stakeholders of redhat 
Melaka State Government Reduces Costs, Gains Flexibility and Prepares for the Cloud with Red Hat Solution. In order to overcome the challenge of information and systems in various silos, the company embarked on an IT consolidation and virtualization journey led by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Red Hat Virtualization Delivers Cost Savings and Increased Performance for University of Sydney. The University of Sydney needed to quickly and cost-effectively develop a high-availability platform to support a web-based file repository, enabling the University to comply with new Government regulations. Read on to see how they achieved results through Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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