Thursday, January 31, 2013

RHCVA turns to golden 50: it’s all about ipsrian figures

The well established name in Linux Learning services and over a decade old ipsr, operating IT learning services in the global industry has now added the 50th RHCVA to the global figures of Certified Virtualization Administrators which is the recently launched Redhat technology. A royal touch to this golden figure is that it has happened through Charles Brownlow from England who reached our International learning centre at Cochin in a winter fest mood of December.

Mr. Charles Brownlow is an adventurous man from the land of Mighty castles, stately homes, glorious gardens, and tiny picturesque villages with lots of experience in water spots, swimming and diving. He is a Yatch Manager by profession with a heavy responsibility in scheduling the routes for sailing each and every day. He is also a professional trainer in swimming. And now he is about to dive into the tech world of open source to explore the possibilities in Redhat technologies. It is with this new dreams and vision he reached IPSR and began his successful sage in the world of linux

Here are some words from Charlie:
“I searched in the site and the first option was IPSR… I heard and many of them suggested too that if you are doing Linux then do it from IPSR!!! I am very much happy to achieve 100% score for RHCE. I am also very thankful to Mr. Sanju Raj who helped me a lot. I also got much time for practice too and I am thankful to all other Linux members for helping me out. I only came with the aim to do RHCE but later I decided not to miss this opportunity. So that’s why I decided to do RHS 333 as well as RHCVA. And now I am happy to become a RHCVA also”

Ipsr wishes him a successful journey ahead

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