Sunday, August 11, 2013

Snowbird Linux: fast, powerful and stable OS

Seeking to scale up a better substitute for window based desktops. Mr. Amit Caleechurn, System Engineer from Mauritius creates a new linux flavor “Snowbird Linux” which is claimed to be a remix based on fedora. Perhaps no other new flavor in the recent past is so sound with best free / non-free software packages. The snowbird linux is certain to create a substantial impact in global linux loving community by redefining the strength as a fast, powerful and stable operating system. The latest version can be downloaded from Sourceforge while the kickstart files are hosted on github

However SnowBird Linux 19 (New Dawn) in addition to the goodies released in Fedora 19 has incorporated some more significant features like:

Tweaked Gnome 3 Desktop | Clean theme with flat icons | LibreOffice 4.1 | Bundled audio and video codecs | Web, social and telephony applications | Productivity software | Graphics and development tools | Useful utilities and accessories | Live CD with optional installer  and many more.

Professing a big leap in the techno front, Snowbird Linux is certain to create new milestone in the open source world. IPSR is much proud of this revelation as Mr. Amit Caleechurun was the former student of IPSR international centre for RHCSS and RHCDS Boot camp batch. He is the fourth RHCDS from IPSR.

About the training and experience at IPSR Mr Amit Caleechurun had remarked

”The experience at IPSR is beyond words. I enjoyed a lot and seized exhaustive knowledge about Linux and its applications. Now I am waiting for the next modules to pursue with my training and certifications. I was really indulged with the infrastructure, Hi-Tech lab facilities, method of training and my accommodation. They really cared about my lodging and food. Regarding RHCE exam, the real value is it’s a real time exam procedure and you need a lot of practice and expertise to get through. I could make use of my time in lab and was able to get expertise with real time problems. The exam was really good and the full credit of my 100% score goes to the training-faculty.”

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