Saturday, March 29, 2014

Its another training spree at IPSR!

The summer of IPSR is blistering with RHCA schedules & exam back to back with national and international clients. This time, we have returning client Mr. Sayed Mohamed Hashem Hamza  Al Alawi from Bahrin, Mr. Muslim Adel Davoud Abu-Taha native of Jordan and Mr. Turki Abullah Al Nassar  and Moteb Al Otaibi from the Kingdom of Suadi Arabia along with Sunil Kumar Rauto and Jyothi Raja Nanda, Veena K John, Jyothi Raja Nanda and Suneesh Kumar.

The knowledge centre was also having attractive figures on the training board. 25th Training Batch for Red Hat Enterprise Clustering & Storage Management (RH436) and Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring & Performance Tuning (RH442) and 26th Training batch of Red Hat Enterprise Deployment (RH401) Also it was the first training on the new Satellite Version of Red Hat Deployment.

Whole the weeks round the campus were filled with jovial team and trainers. The session and even the breaks seemed to be brainstorming. The national and international clients were in perfect sync with the splendid stream of erudition.

Mr. Sayed aims to be an RHCA by this year. He is currently working as Servers Manager in BMI Bankand has over 20 years of experience in IT industry. After the training and examination, Mr. Sayed was certified as RHCDS, taking the total count of RHCDS from IPSR to 41.
 Mr. Sunil is working as System Admin at Hydrabad. Suneesh, the trainer from IPSR and Veena and Jyothi are job seekers.
Mr. Turki works as System Admin at KACST (King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology ) and Mr. Muslim is Infrastructure Manager at Open Sooq Ltd, Saudin Arabia  - both aspires to be RHCDS.
Also the breaks were stint to taste the scrumptious Indian food and piquant Kerala cuisines. This was a rousing experience not just to the clients but also to the trainers from other parts of the country. We had Mr. Neju Paul, Mr. Parthipan Ganapathy and Mr. Praveen Kumar Thakur as trainers directly from Red Hat to deliver the courses
The view and voices now at the Cochin campus truly lives up to its name, the International Campus!

IPSR wishes all of them achieve what they wish for!

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