Sunday, November 9, 2014

Red Hat examination Monsoon alerts from Kochi…!!!...

The next 20 days weather outlook for Ipsr shows that a severe Redhat exam monsoon is likely to swipe over the shores of the Ipsr Kochi International Centre. While in the north Ipsr will get special sessions on examination preparation followed with intense practice sessions at south. The winter time exams will be dry and mild across the other sectors of southern India. The Exam monsoon is likely to hit Ipsr from 26th November  to 29th November. The exam fall this monsoon is likely to scale 7 redhat exams in 4 days. This will be a festival to all linux lovers in and around Kochi, Kerala and overseas.

26 November: EX 236 Exam - Red Hat cloud storage.
26 November: EX 413 Exam - Red Hat Server Hardening
27 November: EX 318 Exam - Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
27 November: EX 210 Exam - Red Hat Open Stack Administration
28 November: EX 436 Exam - Red Hat Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management
28 November: EX 442 Exam - Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning
29 November: EX 401 Exam - Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and System Management

For more details regarding schedule visit ipsrglobal

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