Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Google edifice open source hybrid cloud powered with Red Hat open shift

The technological flare-ups in the most sought open shift services by RedHat opens a new chapter by the materialization of the steadfast container service which will be made available on Google’s cloud platform. Open source hybrid cloud application was initially introduced on AMAZON and now the technology giants Google and RedHat join hands to set a gorgeous open source hybrid cloud Services in Google cloud platform
A diplomatic alliance widening up between the two top players Google and RedHat is hyping multiple benefits to the tech world from their association, including the complementary relationship between Kubernetes and OpenShift on a win-win basis. In majority of the cloud platforms with containers technology Kubernetes is the most powerful system developed by Google, for managing containerized applications in a clustered environment. However, commentators have noted that RedHat is in the second contributor towards that project ranking next to Google.
Adding to the initiatives, the two are keen to go ahead with developing Google Cloud Bigtable and Google Cloud SQL, a model that could aid to make a superior use of data by providing access to potential GCP services.
Another move in their association is to aid Google’s project on what volume of open source hybrid cloud environment built on container technology. The component absent from the stack is the private cloud component. The Google will never figure the item itself so the company by itself will get to third party with skill sets in that front.
The tech lover now is keen in their heels to experience the magic of open shift dedicated on Google cloud platform.

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