Friday, April 17, 2009

Redhat is the Best

"East or West, Redhat is the Best "
The 2009 IDC MarketScape Report says that Redhat is the #1 in IT Education. Here are the
# Consistent with Red Hat's perception that training is a wedge to achieve broader adoption of its offerings, training is available for each release and is updated for every dot release.
# Uniquely, Red Hat offers broad release of most training during the beta-test phase of its product release cycle, facilitating user and professional services community input into the quality and format of its training offering.
# Because of its community-oriented product development, Red Hat is particularly collaborative in its training development and evaluation. Regularknowledge sharing occurs between Red Hat University, services on-boarding teams (early users of most training), engineering/core teams (engineering subject matter experts), and the Red Hat Training and Certification team (training delivery).
# Red Hat leverages advisory boards to help maintain the relevance of its certifications and engages with internal (as mentioned previously) and external communities (such as a Red Hat Certified Engineer [RHCE] focus groups). The process revolves around "DocZilla" — the complete compendium of current Red Hat technical and training data contained in a broadly accessible content management system.
# Its certifications are primarily role based, often crossing the functional use of one or more products.
# Red Hat Training impacts future Red Hat deployment: Red Hat reports that in the Fortune 250, enterprises with at least one RHCE on staff result in six times more business to Red Hat than those without any RHCE on staff. IDC believes this reflects the enterprise readiness value of training and certification.

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