Monday, April 6, 2009

RHCSS Student Testimonial

Read what RHCSS student Dhaval Soni(Gujarat) had to say about his training experience t IPSR.
"First of all, thank you very much to Benila Mendus & all faculty members who helped me get information & important Certifications.
Benila Mendus is doing a great job in her position!! Congratulations!
I really have a nice experience at IPSR. Without IPSR I would not have cleared my Ex333, Ex423 & Ex429 easily. I got information about IPSR from NIVIN GEORGE when I was in doing RHCA exam prep. I immediate started my process to come to India and I was excited to attend exam training at IPSR. To come to IPSR and clear RHCSS exam was my dream. So now, my dream become true after completing all RHCSS exams.
I am thankful to IPSR for the same.
Great!!! I have no words to describe how the IPSR help me to get RHCSS.
Thank you. "

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