Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look How RHCSS benefits Praveen Sam

Look how RHCSS benefited Praveen Sam of Pondicherry and know what he tells about IPSR and the advantages of RHCSS

"After completing RHCE course I was searching for a job and due to the lack of real time exposure all the efforts that I had taken ended up in vain. I decided for a new beginning therefore I joined IPSR for RHCSS course. The advanced RHCSS training program at IPSR enhanced me with a practical knowledge in linux; I learned how to tackle real time difficulties while handling linux and a lot more. Now I am working as Linux admin in iHORSE SOFT Pvt Ltd, Pondicherry. The credit goes to IPSR. I am very much grateful to all the faculty at IPSR and specially Mrs. Bennila ma'am for the sincere endeavors that they have been taking during the course modules to produce well competent professionals in linux."

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