Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RHCE Training for TEEN Cyber

RHCE training for Teen Cyber students started at IPSR. The project is launched as part of the social projects at the 10th year of IPSR. Teen Cyber aims to empower school students in the realm of IT and make them highly productive suiting the changing trends. The project includes personality development programs, IT training programs, sessions to develop computer aptitude and so on. Earlier IPSR kick started the Teen Cyber social project by producing the World's youngest Red Hat Certified Engineer Rajat Mendus, aged just 11 years.

Students who participate in the training program are Vishnu Vijayan (9th Std, MDSHSS, Kottayam), Bobby Issac (8th Std, Lourdes Public School, Kottayam) and Rahul Varghese Roy (9th Std, Giredeepam School, Kottayam)

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