Saturday, May 29, 2010

IPSR RHCE from the “resting place” of God

Pleasing, gentle and courteous, that’s what we felt after meeting Mr. Tim Kitonyi, Education Director, Institute of Software Technologies from Nairobi, Kenya- “the resting place of God”. Mr. Kitonyi holds a B.Sc. in Computing from University of Greenwich and he came to IPSR International Center, Kochi for doing RHCE Boot camp. He became very much excited when he began to speak about the whole training program and activities provided by IPSR:

"My experience at IPSR has been one of utmost satisfaction. These days most of the staff members helped me a lot. The CEO and other staffs were very caring whenever I wanted their assistance especially in arranging an exam centre when an unexpected national strike disrupted our plans.”

Mr. Tim Kitonyi with IPSR CEO Dr. Mendus Jacob

It was really a unique experience for Rajat Jaic and Rohan G Nair, the youngest RHCEs in the world when met with Mr. Tim Kitonyi at IPSR IT Finishing School, Kochi. He got wonder-struck and spellbound for a while when the two kids told him that their next target is RHCSS. About the stirring session the two little masters commented “it was really inspirational” where Mr. Tim points it out as a really “admirable” effort, the rest of the youngsters must follow.

Jaic Mendus and Rohan G Nair along with Mr. Tim Kitonyi at IPSR IT Finishing School, Kochi

We became very happy when he told that he had spent his leisure time visiting various places in the central part of Kerala. He got thrilled when he began to speak about the rustic backwater cruise and the bright green places of God’s Own Country. After the long description of backwater cruise we heard him say “the ambience of these places is matchless and great.” For boating he was accompanied by Mr. Robin Joseph, Manager, Business Development, IPSR Solutions, who remembers the trip “an unforgettable event in life”

At IPSR Tim spent his free time with the staff and kept a personal attachment with all. This may be the single thing that makes us to think of the “sweet sorrow” (“parting is such a sweet sorrow” Romeo and Juliet) of William Shakespeare at the end of our discussion. He shook our hands with a pleasing smile and began to write in the diary “You all gave me your best and almost everything was fine. Overall, I am greatly satisfied with IPSR and wish you all the best in future to keep up the good work that you do!”

Watch Mr. Tim Kitonyi’s Video Testimonial

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