Thursday, July 22, 2010

IPSR-In the midst of glaring triumph!!

IPSR blows again in its dazzling success with the disclosure of RHCE exam results conducted on 11th and 12th of July 2010 . The result brings about 6 more excellent RHCEs to IPSR with 100% score. This triumph is another golden feather on the crown of IPSR branch at Cochin, South. Students who scored 100% in RHCE and proved their excellence are Ajith Kumar V.A, Arun G.P, Binoj V.S, Jinju George, Sreejith K.R and Prashobh K.P. All the 22 candidates who appeared for the exam successfully completed their RHCE certification course.
Congrats to the winners!!
We join you in this reveling moment.!!
1 Ajith Kumar V A
2. Arun G P
3. Binoj V S
4. Jinju George
5. Sreejith K R
6. Leeno Jose
7. Sangeeth Mathew
8. V. Anandvamsi
9. Krishna Raj
10. Jihas K A
11. Mohan Raj
12. Teem Thomas
13. Prasob K P
14. Adhilla A
15. Anish Muhammed
16. N S Anu
17. Unmesh Kumar M R
18. Sethu Manuel
19. Swathy Subhash
20. Jessmon George
21. Rajeef A A
22. Joffin Jose

We welcome all the winning students who successfully completed the RHCE course to IPSR RHCE Family.

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