Thursday, July 29, 2010

Neophytes’ from the land of spicy cuisine and land of royal grandeur!!!!

IPSR family is relished with the advent of its two new members to the training division. Mr. Abhishek Yadavrao Patil from the land of Royal Grandeur and Oriental Glory, Gulbarga, Karnataka and Mr. Punit Kumar from the land of hot and spicy cuisine along with its rich cultural heritage, Punganur, Andhra Pradesh. Abhishek completed his BCA and he had a keen interest in Linux from the very beginning. This concernment made him to join in our Cochin South Branch for RHCE certification. Punnet Kumar, completed his engineering graduation from MITS College, Andhra Pradesh and he was interested in open source technology and searched internet for a ruling institution to join. Thus he came across IPSR Solutions in Kerala and joined in our Kottayam branch for RHCE certification. IPSR family extends our clement welcome to Abhishek and Punit. We wish you all the very success.
Good Luck!

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