Wednesday, September 29, 2010

IPSR RHCA aspirant from the Land of Gandhiji!

Mr. Jaimin Joshi, from Sabarmathi, Ahemadabad- the holy place for all the Gandhians in the world, the place from where Bapu spearheaded our freedom struggle - is a final year B tech student in MIT, Aurangabad. Jaimin chose Open source as career after his and his search for an institute which offer the real time oriented training in Red hat certifications ended at IPSR, International Centre Cochin. Now, he successfully completed RHCA training from IPSR Boot camps and is awaiting exams. RHCA , Red Hat Certified Architect is the capstone Certification from Red hat with in-depth and hands-on training for Senior Linux System Administrators enabling them to design and deploy large and complex Linux based environments.

Life at IPSR, Edappaly branch made Mr. Jaimin a big fan of Kerala food , especially our “Puttu” -a break fast dish made of rice powder and grated coconut, steamed in a bamboo holder or coconut shell and “Sadya”-a typical Kerala feast served on a banana leaf, is a sumptuous spread of rice and more than 14 vegetable dishes, topped with “payasam”- the delicious sweet dessert cooked in milk. To his great joy Jaimin found a number of North Indian Restaurants in Cochin which offer delicious North-Indian dishes.

Mr. Jaimin Joshi was much obliged and delighted with the support given to him by the training division of IPSR and the mouth watering tastes of Kerala food. Jaimin told us about his life IPSR that;

“I had a great experience in Kerala. Special thanks to Benila Madam for the accommodation, food and all the help. Faculty members in IPSR are well experienced and ready to give us any help and clarifications whenever we need”.

IPSR wish you all the success. Good Luck!

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