Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Resounding Success: 34th RHCSS from IPSR

IPSR once again reached the pinnacle of success!! We are proud to announce that total number of RHCSS from IPSR has crossed 34, leading to the title, “Largest RHCSS Group Form a Single Partner”.  Mr. Saravanesh is the latest RHCSS from IPSR. Such resounding success of our students make us part of world records. We congratulate you for this outstanding success.                      

Course Schedule and Exam Schedule for the next RHCSS Batch:

Course Schedule

RHS 429          13th Dec -16th  Dec 2010
RH 423            27th Dec- 30th  Dec 2010
RHS333           3rd Jan -6th Jan  2011

Exam  Schedule

EX 429            23rd Dec  2010
EX 333            31st Dec  2010
EX 423            6th Jan 2011

With the release of RHEL 6 there are changes coming up in the Red Hat certification tracks.

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