Tuesday, December 14, 2010

“Success is a Journey, Till We Reach the True Destination” says Mr. Sunoop V, IBM

Success is difficult; if it was easy everyone would be successful. Mr. Sunoop V, a B.Tech graduate also met success after he reached true destination, IPSR. He is now placed at IBM as Linux System Engineer. Here is his life story of great success after joining IPSR:

Now a days, after recession, most of the companies have started recruiting. Most of them are hiring students from the campus through campus recruitment. However there are some who might not get jobs through regular placement process, for lack of certain skill sets. Mr. Sanoop V was one among them, who was struggling for a job.

IPSR, focused on placement assisted training, was the turning point in his life. He joined IPSR for RHCE certification. IPSR is not only targeted to train students to get mere certification but also to make them perfect for the IT industry. IT companies look forward for those with right basic knowledge, as they can learn new technologies and can be productive soon. We recognized what IT industry demands from you and train you accordingly.

Success is often the result of taking a step in the right direction. So be a part of IPSR and get success.

We at IPSR, congratulate Mr. Sunoop V on his achievement and making us proud again.

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