Monday, February 27, 2012

"With hope from “the land of hope and glory”

“…Thy hope is crowned, God make thee mightier yet!....”
One of the most charmingly simple and self revealing of IPSR’s credential is a veritable association with Mr. Nick Payne from the United Kingdom who explored the gem of Linux amidst of spices and latex. This versatile genius has excelled his potentials as a system administrator in Solaris for over 20 years. His search for a master in Redhat enterprise Linux took him all the way to redhat-intoxicated guru, the crowned emperor of asia-pacific one and only redhat pride – ipsr solutions.

A rich glimpse of Dr. Mendus Jacob MD, CEO of IPSR with Mr. Nick Payne
It is with legitimate pride we congratulate Mr. Nick Payne for a tremendous success in Redhat certification examination which had happened in a short span of association with ipsr.

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