Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ITFS students, Overwhelming in the ineffable bliss of success

When abandoned in some oceanic dissolution of unemployment. They clutched the ITFS course of IPSR as the sole raft of rescue. A throb of wonderment stole over them and they realized the ITFS course elapsed with amazing sections on technical, soft skills, confidence building, smart communication strategies and tips and tricks to hit the target which had opened a vast career vista.

The magic of ITFS yielded in manifold. The students were flooded in the ineffable bliss of success from the inner core of their heart. Here are few words of their shared joy.

Deepu Vijayan - our RHCE, ITFS student, depicting his placement success at Qburst Tehnologies:

"When I first came to IPSR, I seriously didn't know which course to be taken up. All I knew at that time was about Java course. Aneesh sir advised me to take RHCE-which is a good course in networking. I also felt interested and decided to join the same. Aneesh sir's administration in IPSR,Tvm is the best..To tell the truth-no others will coordinate for the students this much. If I succeeded in this course and got a Job, it is because of Aneesh Sir. He told us how to attend an interview and in what ways we can present ourselves the well. Surely, he is the best in my view. My thanks also goes to Mary Miss, Ambu Sir and Mojan Sir.

Mr.Salmon K Jose, our RHCE ITFS student who got placed in Telecom Services Network, New Delhi.

"I was in need of a certification after my graduation when I came to know about IPSR. More than getting a certification course, my need was to get a job-a job to start my career in the field of networking. When I approached IPSR, I came to know about Red Hat Certification and its scope in IT sector. I chose to do RHCE though I had never worked on a Linux System before..

Today I am an RHCE and is placed in a company to work on their Linux Server. This would have never been possible without the support of Aneesh Sir, Mary Miss and Ambu Sir. Special Thanks to them and the other staffs of ipsr for helping me to start my career. I would say IPSR is the 'launch pad' to people who are struggling to start their career especially in the field of networking....!!! "

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