Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Enlarge the horizon of techno conscious thoughts

Project work at IPSR has opened room for higher techno cognition than impermeable percepts. It took the students to an inexhaustible romance with the contemporary technology. The good and positive suggestions given by the faculty has sharply etched the higher-end technological percepts than mere academic inputs. Every moment at ipsr has evacuated the plight of ambiguity in the subject.

Here are the words of gratitude from the students of VIMAL JYOTHI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING who has successfully executed the project work at IPSR.

"The project work at IPSR was very inspirational and informative. The faculties were very helpful and gave good support. We have gained lots of information more than our academics from this institution.Thanks to all faculties and IPSR Calicut for your support and encouragement throughout our project time."

Anu Mathew, Akhila tomy, Ashlin jose, Sherin Sakaria, Sajila k, Manjusha M.S, Sithara Aravind, Sruthi P.K, Dona Abraham, Sr.Elizabeth M J, Sruthi N Paul and Vidhyaprabha C K.- Vimal Jyothi College of Engineering – 2012.

IPSR wishes then all success in every future endeavor
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