Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Damn small linux (dsl) your tiny friend in the open source community

Damn small linux is a tiny linux operating system and a good companion of old version of computers with weak performance. It is an open source software perfectly designed to run graphical applications among x86 family of personal computers. Users who would like to take their operating system where ever they go with them in their pocket dsl would be a responsible pocket friend.

Dsl is a tiny little tux with a size of 50mb and could easily fit in USB flash drives, memory cards or even in bootable business cards. Dsl is simple in size but complex in its features but friendly with its users. It has text editors: Nano, vim, beaver, Web browsers: firefox, multimedia: gphone, XMMS with MPEG-1 and VCD support , SMB client, VNC viewer and much more but no less.

A live USB of dsl can be created in no time with Universal USB installer software and could be run in any pc with a minimum requirement of 486 processor and 8mb of RAM.S
Here is a video tutorial on How to install Damn Small Linux (dsl) in a pendrive and booting it up from windows, presented by Rajat Mendus (RHCE) at the age of 11 and RHCSS at the age of 13, visiting faculty of ipsr solutions ltd. .....so go for it.

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