Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mission RHCDS: In the mirth of success

The crowning experience came with a natural inevitability to the sincere devotees of linux from Netherlands Mr.Bobby Prins and Mr.Renout Jerrits, who explored the fertile land of linux - the ipsr solutions for their RHCDS. There intense craving for RHCDS certification and the conducive environment they cherished at ipsr has drawn the target to tangible heights.  This big win in the RHCDS examination in first attempt has made a globally unusual event as one of the usual success story of ipsrian family. 

The Netherland guys has exalted their technical eloquence in every phase of their mission to actualize the RHCDS certification. It is with top sense of appreciation we note that a 100% score in a higher end certification like RHCDS exam  is a rare possibility and it has turned to be a reality for both of these men. Their creative potentials and technical ambiance of the smart guys made it easy to unlock the doors to success in RHCDS certification. With this big win ipsr has topped the tally of RHCDS figures to a Big 8 which is a rare figure in the global scenario.

Our hearty congrats to these guys for making a miracle happen with 100% score.

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