Saturday, September 29, 2012

As easy as Ubuntu

Ubundu stands out among the various linux flavors for its simplicity in rendering authentic service to the end-users and serve as a compactable desktop to many newbie’s who have migrated or born to linux world. The voice from a ubundu using community remarks that “We use Ubuntu because we need a system that is easy to set up and maintain for the family, that allows them to do what they need and want easily, quickly and without a lot of input”. Its scalability, trustworthiness, fast and stylish ambiance it creates and customization friendly nature has stolen the hearts of million linux lovers. The young Chitchat forum of ipsr is here with few video turtorial on customization of Ubundu desktop for the favor of newbie’s in linux.

Here is Rajat Mendus [RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) at the age of 11, RHCSS (Red Hat Certified Security Specialist) at the age of 13.] and a visiting faculty of ipsr solutions ltd with a Video on how to change the background of the grub menu in Ubuntu and how to customize the grub menu using super boot manager 


Video on how to change the login screen wallpaper in Ubuntu using Ubuntu Tweak

For more article of Rajat Mendus on linux visit Linux Universe

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