Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sustainable excellence: a mark of ipsrian performance

A quick survey on the attitude of the students joining IPSR revels that “With ipsr we stay relaxed always” for there is no substitute to the care and excellence that ipsr do comply in any activity they venture. The incredible growth in training front and sustainable success in certification programmes has fixed ipsr to a unique position among the learning service providers in the industry. Here are few of the remarks from the student who enjoyed learning from ipsr

Arun Kumar T.P who is a B.Tech graduate and who was an employee joined IPSR after resigning from his job placing upon IPSR the hope of reaching greater heights in his career.He was able to complete his course successfully and he has shared his experience at IPSR.Quoting down his own statements about IPSR:

"Its a great experience for me to study here. Classes were very much effective and easy to understand which were taken taken by Ambu Sir and Mary Miss.And I have no words to say about Aneesh Sir. His co-ordination and his way of dealing with students is very much impressive. And I am personally very happy and thankful to Aneesh Sir for the support he had given me at the stage of my poor physical condition. So once again I can say,  am very very happy to be here at IPSR."

Bibi Babu,a native of Pathanamtitta is a B.Tech graduate and joined for RHCE in July. He successfully completed his RHCE course and examination in the month of August. This is what he had to say about his class and IPSR.

"It was a great experience to do the RedHat course in IPSR.I am thankful to the whole faculties for their valuable support."

Aswin R.M a former IPSRian joined IPSR for his RHCE course.He is 2009 B.Tech pass out and did his CCNA in IPSR Tvm last year.

"It was a good experience to study at IPSR.The classes and lab facilities are good. Faculties are also good.I had done my CCNA and RedHat course here at IPSR."

Nidhin L.S , a B.Tech graduate from Trivandrum joined IPSR for the course of RHCE and successfully completed the course and he had a few words to tell about IPSR

"I had a great time with IPSR.I am very thankful to all staff of IPSR."

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