Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh dah-boh - a Nigerian Goodbye!

Mr. Olanrewaju Olanposi was happy with the Nigerian Welcome given at the time of joining and we could provide the same pulse of exuberance till he succeeds in RHCE and leaves IPSR International Centre. Mr. Olanrewaju was from ILEIFE City of Osun state in Nigeria, the most populous country in the world in which the majority of the population is black and a country listed among the “Next Eleven” economies.

Mr. Olanrewaju came to know about IPSR from one of his colleagues who has undergone RHCE training in India from another Institute. Later, he met with an IPSR student working in Nigeria, who again recommended IPSR for Red Hat Certifications.

After finishing Higher National Diploma (HND) in Microbiology and working as a Billing Administrator in Victoria Island City of Lagos state, he got interested in IT and decided to go further in the realm. He succeeded in grabbing various IT certifications including Sun Solaris and Oracle (OCP) and now before leaving India he became a Red Hat Certified Engineer. About the RHCE training he says:

“The training was fantastic and the exam was the best I have ever appeared for! Regarding the faculty crew, Mr. Anand Pavithran is one of the best teachers I have ever met. He knows what he is teaching. I have been to many institutions where people just prepare candidates for the exam with little knowledge on the topic. I am really impressed with his way of teaching. The CEO, Mr. Mendus Jacob is really caring and gentle. He was very careful about my training and lodging. Regarding RHCE exam, the real value is it’s a real time exam procedures and you need a lot of practice and expertise to get through. Becoming an RHCE was my long cherished dream and I feel really happy to be an RHCE now.”

He says about the unforgettable days in Kerala and lip-smacking karimeen fry in gorgeous words:

“The boat was royal and exquisite. There was a cushioned bench behind the 'captain'. The boat initially started going across a wide area of water, then eventually getting to smaller channel. It’s spectacular all around- playing children, water lilies, men walking in snail’s pace, busily working women, coconut trees -all was fabulous and wonderful. The yummy of Kerala food especially the delicious taste of Pearl Spot (karimeen pollichadu) fry is still in my tongue.”

“Gone are the days” the most important and memorable days that I had ever in my life. I am lucky to be here and leaving India wishing you the very best. Above all I could say the greatest asset of ipsr is its highly competent faculty and dedicated staff. With lots of love and thanks let me say oh dah-boh - a Nigerian Goodbye!

Watch Mr. Olanrewaju Olanposi’s RHCE Video Testimonial

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