Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Announcement: CCVP is now CCNP Voice

CCVP, which is an advanced level certification from Cisco has been renamed as CCNP Voice. The name change assigns a separation between Cisco professionals and unified IT professionals doing Cisco certification program. CCNP Voice validates skills and knowledge to combine collaboration and voice application into underlying computer network architectures.  Professionals with CCNP voice certification can create collaboration solutions that are scalable, manageable and transparent. Cisco has also changed this new edition to cover all the objectives for the latest version of CCNP Voice.
The CCNP Voice certification includes the following modules:
CVOICE - Cisco Voice over IP and QoS v8.0 (CVOICE v8.0)
CIPT1 - Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 1 v8.0 (CIPT1 v8.0)   
CIPT2 - Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Part 2, v8.0 (CIPT2 v8.0)
TVOICE - Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Systems v8.0 (TVOICE v8.0)
CAPPS - Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications v8.0 (CAPPS v8.0)  

Let’s move on to the changes in modules of CCNP Voice from CCVP. CVOICE is now changed to as CVOICE version 8 (v8). The new version covers most of the topics that was covered in the previous one. Introduction of Quality of Service (QoS) is replaced by CAPPS, but a lot of content from the QoS has been added to CVOICE. CAPPS covers Cisco Unity Connection (CUC), Cisco Unity Express (CUE), and Cisco Unified Presence (CUP). There are not much changes for CIPT1 and CIPT2 modules, except contents are typically moved between them. TVOICE is the new version of CCVPv6 TUC (Troubleshooting Unified Communications) course.  The version is modified so as to reflect troubleshooting of various new features along with maintaining signaling and media challenges in the older version. 

Now training for latest version of Cisco certification CCNP Voice is offered at IPSR. From October 19, 2010 onwards those writing CCVP or CCNP Voice exam, get CCNP Voice certification. The last date to write exam on CCVP is 28 February 2011. So those who have started CCVP training have to take exam on or before 28 February 2011.

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