Friday, January 14, 2011

Lean to IPSR & Climb the Ladder of Success!!

It's a moment of joy for IPSR family, as we have bagged another prestigious result for RHCE Exam. 8 students got RHCE certification and most of them secured 100% score.  Getting RHCE Certification with 100% score is not an easy task.  Nothing can stop man from achieving goals; if he is leaning to the right direction.

IPSR has now become a global hub for those looking for an applauded training institution to prove and improve skills and talents. From the very beginning of Red Hat training programs, IPSR holds a long list of students who are entitled with various Red Hat certifications. Basic ideas and focus of our dedicated team always targets to achieve best results. Over the past few years, IPSR has grown to world’s best training institute with state-of –the art infrastructure. Along with dynamic progress in academics, IPSR also gives equal importance for research activities.

In this joyful moment we wish all our students hearty congratulations. Career centre of IPSR will help you at each stage to get dream jobs.

RHCE 6 courses are now available at IPSR.

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