Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cream Rises to the Top!

Something exceptionally good will attract attention, or stand out from the rest. Nael Abu Diab, the first Bootcamp participant from Lebanon proved this is true. He is one of the enthusiastic who joined IPSR for RHCE Certification.  Bootcamp packages offering training and tourism mainly attracted him. The course was scheduled to complete within 28 days, but within 14 days he completed the entire course and got certification. Being an IT Engineer he is much delightful with this success. To get RHCE Certification within a short span of time is difficult. It can be realized only with thorough knowledge of the subject. The credit goes to fully competent and dedicated faculty team. Impressed by the training and infrastructure he joined IPSR again for RHCSS Certification.

Hearty Congratulations! IPSR wish you great success on your next venture!

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