Thursday, November 4, 2010

Enterprise Linux Virtualization: Flub is over

Now-a-days, a major challenge faced by business firms is to build a high performance platform which is flexible, secure, scalable, and cost-effective. Linux Virtualization is an ultimate solution which allows a single server to run multiple servers or desktop operating systems. Virtualization improves your business by making it friskier to rapidly respond to the changing business needs. Reduced cost and improved operational efficiency makes it more desirable in data centers and other enterprises.

What to expect from a Linux Virtualization Solution

Linux virtualization with hardware assistance offer enterprise-class performance and reliability resulting in smooth shift to a virtual environment. Other benefits are:
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Scale and manage infrastructure in a very cost-effective manner
  • Ability to rapidly respond to changing business needs thereby improving the business agility
  • Ability to expand rural reach by increasing customers

Best Available Solution for Enterprise Linux Virtualization

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization is the perfect solution to create an internal or private cloud of Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Windows virtual machines. Desktop environments are hosted as virtual desktops on servers located in a centralized datacenter with the help of  Red Hat virtualization.

Let’s listen what various customers have to tell about their experience on Red Hat's Enterprise Linux Virtualization:

“Etisalat Sri Lanka experienced an increase in stability, flexibility and scalability by using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. We were able to reduce our footprint from 40 to six servers, and witnessed a drastic reduction in TCO.”
Chandrakant Jayasinghe,
Head of IT Systems, Etisalat Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

“The hardware-assisted virtualization offered by Red Hat delivered enterprise-class performance and reliability resulting in an uninterrupted shift to a virtual environment.”
Manoj Arora,
CIO, Bilcare Research

“We considered a number of operating systems as the platform for our business-critical SAP applications, and after much testing and evaluation, we selected Red Hat.”
Mohit Agarwal
VP-IT,Carnation Auto

“Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization not only reduced our operational costs, it also made our business more agile and responsive to change.”
Ashish Mehta
Director, IT & Infrastructure, Euronet

Training and Certification for Enterprise Linux Virtualization

Red Hat has developed their own training courses and certifications to make sure that professional standards are high. Global Learning Services (GLS) is the training division of  Red Hat which offers training for Virtualization. Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) is a performance-based certification program for virtualization. This certification is modeled to furnish IT professionals with the expertise to unfold and manage virtual systems in a cloud computing infrastructure. Certifications from Red Hat for Linux virtualization affirm apt skills and technical knowledge to effectively manage all virtual solutions. This is perfect certification for a virtualization administrator migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, system administrator in a data center or a technical professional designing virtual environment.

Unique feature of RHCVA certification is that it comprises of only one module - RH318 (Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization).

RHCVA can be attained by attending the RH318 Red Hat Virtualization Administration training course and getting certified in the EX318 - Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator Exam. This course provides uncompromising training in Enterprise Linux Virtualization solutions.

IPSR is an Authorized Training Partner of Red Hat, who have won the Red Hat Asia Pacific International Award consecutively during the years 2008-10, for excellence in Linux training. We provide quality training to meet specific technical and strategic business objectives. IPSR now offers RHCVA Training, as boot camps, to suit the requirements of system administrators and networking professionals. Other training courses for Red Hat Certifications from IPSR include RHCE, RHCSS, RHCDS and RHCA. Various Red Hat, Cisco and Microsoft certifications are available in regular track, rapid track or bootcamps, based on the nature of the certifications.

Testimonial credits:
CRN Volume 4/ Issue 1/ October 1, 2010

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