Thursday, November 4, 2010

IPSR presents – 1st RHCSS from Africa!

Congratulations to Mr. Amit Caleechurn who has just become the first RHCSS from the whole of Africa!

Amit, who hails from Mauritius became RHCSS certified on 29th October after scoring 100% in his EX 429 exam. It was barely 2 weeks back that he got RHCDS certified, making him the 4th RHCDS from IPSR. He has now become the 31st RHCSS from IPSR adding to its growing number. Everyone at IPSR, especially the faculty, is proud of Amit and his achievements.

Amit, is a very familiar name in IPSR circles as he has been staying in Kerala and amassing certifications over the past 2 months. A huge fan of Open Source Technologies, he was quite taken with IPSR and its achievements and landed in Kerala in early September to join our Boot Camps. There has been no stopping him since then.

He has now returned home safe and sound. IPSR had immense pleasure in having him at our International Centre at Edapally. Amit is one of the several international students who have left a lasting impression at IPSR.

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