Monday, November 29, 2010

No Words to Express……

Mr.Nael Abu Diab, RHCE certified IPSRian from Lebanon has no words to express what he feels for IPSR. After successful completion of RHCE, he joined for RHCSS. Let’s listen what he says about life at IPSR:

“I am Nael Abu Diab from Lebanon, currently working as an IT engineer. In order to advance to new realms of my career, I need more skills and certifications. I spent long time searching out the internet and found many institutes offering Open Source training. IPSR, which was listed in the top of major search engines, attracted my attention. Then I went through special offers for international students, it seemed to fit my wallet. I contacted IPSR and cleared my doubts with them. They planned well and scheduled the course within a convenient time period. According to their special offers that include pick up from the airport, accommodation, and everything in between was managed successfully. Lodging and food was arranged by IPSR at one of the best hotels. Each day they offered transportation to and from the training centre. 

This is my first visit to India, for the first few days it was difficult for me to adjust with the climate and food. Later everything became normal.  IPSR took special care for my training. The faculties are highly talented and dedicated. The training sessions were very useful and I’m much enchanted to say I completed RHCE course and got certification before the scheduled time.  I could make use of lab at any time and got enough knowledge with in a short period of time. I specially thank Mr Anish for his services. I was greatly touched by the hospitality of the entire IPSR family. I would recommend IPSR for those hard working students seeking IT certifications with in a short time.

Another truly memorable experience in my life is Kerala backwater tour. Perhaps the perfect way to explore the beauty of breathtaking backwaters is Kerala boathouses. Backwater trip with sightseeing experiences are really exhilarating. Karimeen Pollichathu is a yummy recipe that makes my tongue tingle. Ayurveda body massage for rejuvenating body, mind and soul was an amazing experience I had ever before. Food at Ayurveda Resort,  the ‘Karkadaka Kanji’ with invaluable herbs magical healing powers together with great medicinal value brought wonderful rejuvenating effect. I express my sincere gratitude to whole IPSR family for their support.”

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